For companies who:
  • Need support with building their brand strategy & processes
  • Want to connect their internal brand with their external-customer facing brand
  • Want to build a thriving internal culture that naturally engages employees
Consulting services:
  • Brand positioning and strategy
  • Identity development
  • Target Audience & Market Research
  • Campaigns & Content Ideation
  • Company Mission, Vision, Values
  • Employee Engagement Planning
  • Organisation Development Troubleshooting
  • Linking External & Internal Brand
  • Internal Communications 
  • Employer Branding
When we are in the bubble of our own organisation, it can be hard to see things clearly. Sometimes you just need an external perspective...
book a 15 min chat to discuss the specific challenges you are facing

companies receive:

  • An enthusiastic, hardworking consultant who is driven by results
  • 15 years experience in branding & marketing
  • Background in creative agency on major blue chip clients
  • Experience in tech & start-up scene
  • International experience (Australia, Germany, UK)
  • Valuable insights & lessons from years of learning on the job
  • Fast-paced, highly efficient delivery of work
  • Reasonable pricing for senior level expertise


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