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Offering unique insight and an innovative mindset, I go deep on internal issues and provide clarity, insight and groundbreaking strategic ideas that don't end with a spreadsheet or powerpoint document.

Driven by actionable change, I help organisations amplify their brand and reshape their business to lead with clarity, purpose and alignment. My work is driven by results, action and delivering true & lasting change.

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Please reach out for further information on scope, pricing & timelines.


Brand, marketing & communications development. Identity work, positioning, rebranding, product launches. Audience/market research and strategy.


Mission, vision & internal frameworks. Conflict resolution & culture building. Employee engagement programs, training & learning initiatives.


Employee & customer experience & journey mapping. Organisational change & transformation projects.

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1:1 coaching for entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners. For people who:

  • Have great ideas but need clarity on how you are meant to serve the world

  • Look for ways to differentiate your product/service from others

  • Need to neatly package your services to attract the right customers

  • Struggle with confidence or imposter syndrome

Mentor sessions help you work through ideas, problem-solve, expand your thinking and get your business/brand out of your head and in to the world. Please reach out for more info on pricing & availability.

Consulting & Mentoring: About

The idea behind my project started over two years ago. However exciting it was, it did not crystallize until I started working with Beth. She was absolutely critical in helping me dig deep down so that I could find my core and stand wholeheartedly behind this initiative. With each session, I found my thoughts becoming clearer, my voice stronger and louder. I'm a big believer that we all have the answers within us. Sometimes, however, we just need the right person to help us tap into our potential so we can let go of our fears and take that first step.

Alex Suarez

Beth guided me on how to create an identity as a communication specialist and develop my skills and online profile accordingly. She is strategic, knowledgeable and empathetic in equal measures. Her ability to see the (your) big picture mixed with very action-centred thinking helps you not only become very clear on the direction you need to head but also make considerably more progress than you would do on your own. Her feedback, suggestions and focus encouraged and more importantly motivated me to get back on track. If you are thinking of a new or change in career, then a reach out to Beth is a must.

Secil Honeywill

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