For entrepreneurs who:
  • Have great ideas but need clarity on how they are meant to serve the world
  • Are looking for ways to differentiate from others
  • Need to neatly package their services to attract the right customers
Personalised 1:1 coaching that doesn't end with a phone call. You will be delivered a finished manual at the end of the process including definition of your visual & verbal brand + copy + content pipeline. You receive:
  • Clarity on your brand idea and message
  • Pinpoint your uniqueness
  • Written copy + social media bio
  • Defined service offering 
  • Pipeline of content ideas
  • Deep understanding of your overall strategic direction
If you don‘t truly know know yourself and your offering, how can you expect customers to know?
book a chat to discuss the specific challenges you are facing


  • Clarity on your offering, and how you are supposed to serve the world

  • A brand that reflects the real you

  • Wording that is on point and naturally draws the right customers for your business

  • A crystal clear vision and success mindset

Copying Down

You want to stand out online and attract a steady stream of clients, but the thought of drafting all that website copy gives you a headache! So, it drops down the list and over time you find that the task is slowing your progress. After some initial brand analysis I deliver exciting, personalised and engaging copy for your website - so you can simply tick that one off the list! 


90 min personalised reading designed to help you better understand what is working and what is not with your current brand. You will receive:
- Analysis of your current branding
- Direction on where to invest your energy & effort
- Creative ideas for branding & messaging
- My eyes on your brand & marketing material


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