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Consultant, Leader, Teacher

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I believe we all deserve to feel well and move through our lives from a healthy, centred place.

But with the increasing pressure of modern society and our excessive use of technology, many of us are left feeling burnt out, distracted and unwell.

My work is in devotion to the pursuit of wellness and I partner with organisations and individuals to strengthen their wellbeing capabilities & offerings. 

I bring 15+ years of corporate marketing & employee engagement experience to my workshops, programs & mentorship. Additionally, I am trained as a meditation, breathwork and yoga nidra teacher with over 400 hours of certification.

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Workplace Wellbeing

Unique workshops addressing specific employee needs and a network of health professionals available for collaborative programs & events.



Mentorship for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Private & group mentorship to help wellness entrepreneurs with finding a niche and building their brand strategy & offers.

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As a trained Meditation, Pranayama & Yoga Nidra teacher I specialise in creating meditative experiences that are accessible for all. Taking long & in-depth practises and making them simple and digestible so that everyone can participate and receive the benefits of meditation.

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We are grateful for the diligent, supportive, and efficient manner in which Beth worked with the Kingsman team to create our new Wellbeing Survey & Engagement Strategy. The dialogue exploring which strategies fit our needs was sincerely appreciated, while the collaborative style of the working relationship resulted in a high percentage of staff participation in the survey. The results will be used to plan long term goals for the institution, and the clear and insightful recommendations Beth provided are invaluable to us on this journey!

Kingsman Academy, USA

The idea behind my project started over two years ago. However exciting it was, it did not crystallize until I started working with Beth. She was absolutely critical in helping me dig deep down so that I could find my core and stand wholeheartedly behind this initiative. With each session, I found my thoughts becoming clearer, my voice stronger and louder. I'm a big believer that we all have the answers within us. Sometimes, however, we just need the right person to help us tap into our potential so we can let go of our fears and take that first step.

Alex S

Beth guided me on how to create an identity as a communication specialist and develop my skills and online profile accordingly. She is strategic, knowledgeable and empathetic in equal measures. Her ability to see the (your) big picture mixed with very action-centred thinking helps you not only become very clear on the direction you need to head but also make considerably more progress than you would do on your own. Her feedback, suggestions and focus encouraged and more importantly motivated me to get back on track.

Secil H

Beth held space for me expertly. It became clear within minutes of sitting down with her that the business concept I'd been struggling to move forward with for months was actually a distraction from an original passionately held idea that I kept dismissing because it wasn't 'realistic.' It was invaluable to talk to someone whose intuitive sense could see the truth wanting to be expressed through me AND whose business acumen and marketing experience could credibly convince my worried mind that my idea was real and possible to realize in the real world. Her ability to inspire action is the last pivotal piece for me, as someone who chronically overthinks and typically avoids any containers focused on action. Somehow I knew in advance that I could trust Beth not to push me into unconsidered action but to clarify and inspire me such that taking action was inevitable.

Caroline D

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