Beth has 18 years experience at a range of companies - from blue chip accounts at Australia's top advertising agencies to major European tech start-ups to running her own business. Highly skilled in branding, marketing and communications with a talent for producing innovative strategies & campaigns. In 2017, she was nominated for 'Rising Star of the Year' in the Masters Of Marketing Awards (UK) due to a positioning strategy she developed.

Over the years she witnessed companies at various stages of growth and learned what it takes to build a high-performing culture. This led her to develop an experience & engagement program for Delivery Hero (UK) which became a huge success and doubled the number of employee "promoters" YOY (NPS).

Beth provides unique insight, fusing strategic brand thinking with a deep knowledge of culture & employee engagement and is a highly skilled consultant, strategist and leader. 


  • Founder of the HumanFirst™ initiative: dedicated to humanising the way we work

  • Created positioning strategy for Delivery Hero (UK) that doubled brand awareness YOY

  • Led team through successful IPO & company acquisition process

  • Nominated for 'Rising Star of The Year' in Masters of Marketing Awards (UK) 2017

  • Implemented highly successful culture & employee engagement program that doubled the number of "promoters" (NPS) YOY

  • Regular speaker at European business conferences (UK, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands)

  • Coached & supported numerous entrepreneurs with scaling their business/brand

  • Consistently commended by C-suite for strong leadership & innovative brand thinking

  • Completed training & received certification in: Meditation, Pranayama & Yoga Nidra



  • Born in Melbourne, raised in Sydney, lived in Berlin, Germany for 10 years

  • Arrived in Berlin with no contacts/plan during a European backpacking trip and spontaneously decided to make a life there

  • Most at home on the beach, recently relocated to Australia, settling on the coast

  • Interest in wellbeing led to studying meditation in Bali in 2018

  • Qualified Meditation, Pranayama & Yoga Nidra teacher, completed several courses + certifications

  • Loves reading & writing - has had stories published

  • An ambivert (with both introvert + extrovert aspects) and a deeply intuitive & empathic Pisces sun sign 

  • A member of the LGBTQIA+ community, coming from a rainbow family

  • Passionate about indigenous issues and believes Australia has a long way to go to decolonise and recognise the traditional owners of our land